Friday, October 15, 2010

My Fantastic 23rd Birthday!

I woke up to breakfast in bed. My choice was pancakes!! While Drew was at work he sat out a note with a beautiful box sitting next to it. A gorgeous diamond necklace waiting inside! One heart inside the other representing him and me. :) When he got home for work, a half day at my request, He held in his hands the biggest bouquet of flowers i have ever seen! Seriously, the vase itself is about 14 inches tall. It is glorious. along with the sweetest card you have ever read. After that we went shopping, and boy did we shop! Clothes ( fashion bug, Victoria's secret) Candles and soaps (Bath and body works)  Shampoo (State beauty supply).  Then we dashed home to change and of f we went to dinner at Shogun. I have gone to dinner there just about every birthday since I was 2. During dinner Drew pulled out another box its contents 1/2 kt diamond earrings! OMG! I just about ruined my make up!Ya it was amazing. and dinner to as always. Afterwards on we went to my parentals to say hello. My parents, aunt Mary, and granny went in together on an awesome vacuum! Lord knows i needed it! next was marble slab to pick up my birthday cake. It is peanut butter ice cream with butter finger mixed in and chocolate cake on bottom. It was heavenly! Home to change and now at kaffe bona blogging it up and Thanking all my friends on face book for their wonderful birthday wishes!  And today is just Friday we have all weekend planned! Thank you family and dear friends for making this the best birthday this girl has EVER had! Lots of love ~ Candice

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